Lo Bosworth Is ‘Definitely Down With Botox,’ SLT Workouts, And Other Forms Of Self Care

I love the Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha-Beta peels. I use those every day. I’ve been a lifelong fan of Dermalogica. Their Power Bright moisturizer for the nighttime is great. You really wake up the next day with a whole new face. I’m definitely down with Botox. For me, it just makes me feel confident; it really gives you that fresh-faced look, to be honest. And I know a ton of people aren’t keen to admit that they’re into treatments and things like that, but there’s not a single woman I know that does not do Botox or Restylane. I’m at the point in my life where I look in the mirror and I realize that there’s no turning back for me.

So I’m at the place where I really have to do a lot of preventative care. There’s also Suppin, a Japanese philosophy and lifestyle. It really means so much to me because it really falls in line with how I approach beauty. It’s about true, natural beauty; beauty from within. It’s about loving who you really are, what you really look like and trying not to change that too much. The Senka Perfect Whip is so amazing. It foams up, and it gets to the consistency of shaving cream if you do it right. I love to take a bath and use this foaming cleanser and put it on my face. It’s also really gentle, and that’s part of the Japanese philosophy; treating yourself with kindness. But it’s really dense, so it gets into your pores and removes makeup well without harsh ingredients. I used it last night, and it literally got off my waterproof mascara.

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Lo Bosworth Is ‘Definitely Down with Botox,’ SLT Workouts, and Other Forms of Self-Care