Medical Marijuana Dispensary Turned Down In Ashland

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Why was Mass Wellspring medical marijuana dispensary shut down?


Mass Wellspring, the medical marijuana dispensary in Acton that was temporarily shut down on Thursday, had inadequate security and stored and disposed of marijuana improperly, according to the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission.

The commission announced Friday that it had ordered Mass Wellspring to cease and desist from growing and selling marijuana after an unannounced inspection turned up violations of state law.

Mass Wellspring medical marijuana dispensary in Acton temporarily shut down

In a copy of the cease and desist order posted online, the commission detailed a dozen violations that the commission said “pose an immediate or serious threat to the public health, safety, or welfare.”

State law sets out certain standards for marijuana storage. Mass Wellspring was using a non-approved laboratory and cure room for storage, which did not meet those standards. Inspectors saw marijuana products left unsecured in the lab and in a patient consultation room. They also observed marijuana-infused drinks stored in an unlocked refrigerator alongside employees’ food.

An on-site surveillance room was left unlocked. Outside the facility, there were areas not monitored by surveillance cameras, including one area where there was a hole in a chain-link fence along the perimeter and another area where marijuana was disposed of.

Some marijuana lacked documentation of required testing results. Marijuana was also disposed of without proper documentation.

The dispensary failed to maintain a visitor log and did not have policies and procedures on site for things like secure cash handling.

The order requires Mass Wellspring to comply with state law. If the dispensary does not come into compliance, the Cannabis Control Commission can revoke its license.

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Why was Mass Wellspring medical marijuana dispensary shut down?
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