More Whole Grains May Be Key To Lowering Diabetes Risk

Diabetes is a condition characterised as high levels of blood sugar and is something that may be treated and regulated using medication as well as by making small and big lifestyle changes. But if you want to reduce your risk of diabetes, you may have to take some pre-emptive measures to keep your heart healthy. A new study, conducted by the researchers at Ohio State University College in the US, has indicated that heart healthy lifestyle and habits can lower your risk of developing diabetes. The study results have been published in the journal Diabetologia and indicated that people who were in the recommended ranges of at least four out of seven 'Life's Simple' health factors, had significantly lower risk of developing erratic blood sugar levels and consequently at lower risk of diabetes.

Life's Simple seven health factors have been defined by the American Heart Association (AMA) and they include maintaining a healthy blood pressure, healthy levels of blood glucose and cholesterol, exercising at least 150 minutes every week, following a heart-healthy diet, staying away from cigarettes, and finally, maintaining a healthy body weight. People who scored well in at least four of these seven health factors had a 70 percent lesser risk of developing diabetes in the next 10 years, said the study. K. Craig Kent of The Ohio State University said that the research study could inform and direct physicians on how to help their patients deal with the potentially fatal and serious ailment of diabetes.

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The study further said that while those individuals who had normal blood glucose levels and had worked on four or more of the above-mentioned health factors, reduced their chances of diabetes by 80 percent; the same was not true for people who were already diabetic or prediabetic. Joshua J. Joseph, Assistant Professor at the varsity said that even when diabetics met four out of the seven health factors' guidelines, for them there was no change or reduction in risk of diabetes. The AMA's Life's Simple seven health factors were taken as a measurement guide for the study that was conducted among 7,758 participants.

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Joseph said, "Healthy people need to work to stay healthy. Follow the guidelines. Don't proceed to high blood sugar and then worry about stopping diabetes. By that point, people need high-intensity interventions that focus on physical activity and diet to promote weight loss and, possibly, medications to lower the risk of diabetes."

Here Are The Top Five Heart-Healthy Foods That You Can Include In Your Diet:

1. Oats And Whole Grains: The soluble fibres in oats and other whole grains keep cholesterol in check.

2. Antioxidant-Rich Foods: Foods like berries, pomegranate etc., reduce inflammation in the arteries and also regulate cholesterol.

3. Nuts And Seeds: The unsaturated fatty acids in nuts and seeds can help keep levels of Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) under check.

4. Fish: Fish contain omega-3 fatty acids, which reduces levels of LDL and improves levels of good cholesterol or HDL.

5. Vitamin C-Rich Foods: Foods like lemons, guava, amla (Indian gooseberries) are rich in vitamin C, which again reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Developing heart-healthy habits may help you live a long, healthy and happy, disease-free life.

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