NYT Ed Board: Time For New Dem Leadership

Moving in the direction of requiring more political spine, let’s next consider “Laudably Responsible” steps:

6. Pass legislation protecting Robert Mueller’s investigation. Mr. Ryan’s enduring confidence that Mr. Trump would never be so rash as to ax the special counsel suggests, at best, a naïve optimism. (Mitch McConnell, the Senate majority leader, said last month that it was time for Mr. Mueller to “wrap it up.”) And skip all the whingeing about how Mr. Trump wouldn’t sign such a bill. Pro tip: Vetoes can be overridden. Look it up.

7. Pass legislation preventing Mr. Trump from unilaterally pulling out of NATO. Will this displease the president — and Mr. Putin — and draw fire from the base? Yes. But if lawmakers weren’t merely covering their hides with the pro-NATO resolution they released last week, they should move to give it substance.

And finally, on the off chance that some Republican lawmakers seriously want to show that they care more about the public good than about their petty partisan or personal ambitions, here are a few ways to “Poke the Bear”:

8. House leadership should remove Representative Devin Nunes as head of the Intelligence Committee. Mr. Nunes has done as much as any member of Congress to undermine a credible investigation into the administration’s dealings with Russia. He needs to be put in a safe corner miles away from the entire issue.

9. Pass a resolution censuring the president for his Helsinki display. Let Mr. Putin know that not every American politician is eager to be his dancing bear.

10. Refuse to confirm even one more nominee, judicial or executive, until you get some of the aforementioned answers and protections. Yes, absolutely including the Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

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Source : https://www.nytimes.com/2018/07/17/opinion/trump-russia-putin-republicans.html