New Apple Apps: Overdiagnosis, Useful Addition, Or Both?

The iPad’s operating system has a new name — iPadOS — and today, Apple is letting anybody install a beta version of it. When it is officially released this fall, I think it’s going to be a huge upgrade for most people, significantly changing their opinion of what it’s capable of.

I’m excited by all of the changes Apple has made in the OS to go along with the new name. The ability to get more apps on-screen in multiple “windows” has been significantly improved, Safari is a much more capable file browser, the file browser is significantly upgraded, and working with text is easier than ever.

Right now, though, I’d hold off on installing the public beta — unless you have a spare iPad or don’t mind serious bugs. That’s our default advice for any beta software, of course, but in particular, it’s worth waiting for the next version at least on this one. I’ve been using the second developer beta for about a week, which Apple says is largely identical to today’s public beta, and it’s definitely too crashy for everyday use.

Here are my favorite new features in iPadOS, focusing mainly on what’s specific to the iPad. For a good look at what’s coming to the iPhone in iOS 13, Chaim Gartenberg has you covered in a separate article and video. If you want to know what’s new in macOS Catalina, Chris Welch has a story on that, too.



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