Norway’s Curling Pants Are Perfect For Valentine’s Day


The Norwegian men’s curling team really brought the fashion to the Winter Olympics on Wednesday.

The curlers, who have a history of rather bold fashion choices, wore a truly remarkable set of pants to celebrate Valentine’s Day in South Korea.

The Norwegian curling team is all dressed up for Valentine's Day (h/t r/sports)

— Sports Illustrated (@SInow) February 14, 2018

The Norwegians have previously worn all sorts of patterned trousers, so this isn’t a new development. It is, however, great to see a theme mixed in here. In fact, these special pants are somehow a little more low-key than their regular Olympic apparel.

You might think that these are hands-down the wildest outfits of the Olympics, but this unlikely ski team is definitely giving them a run for their money.

Image via r/olympics

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