Nursing Election Grievances, Hillary Clinton Supporters Curse Comey

But his explanations for his decisions have largely fallen flat, at least among those who lived through the stories.

Mr. Comey writes in the book that he grew to believe that Loretta E. Lynch, the attorney general and his boss, was too close to the Clintons and did not have the credibility with the American people to announce a verdict in the email investigation.

Ms. Lynch, in a statement, disagreed.

“I did what I always do: rise above politics and uphold the law,” she wrote. Of Mr. Comey, she said: “If he had any concerns regarding the email investigation, classified or not, he had ample opportunities to raise them with me both privately and in meetings. He never did.”

Mr. Comey writes at length about his decision to hold a news conference in the summer of 2016 announcing that Mrs. Clinton would not be prosecuted, but also condemning her handling of classified materials as “extremely reckless.”

“I would do the same thing again at that announcement,” he writes in his book, “because I still believe it was the best available alternative to protect and preserve the Department of Justice’s and the F.B.I.’s reservoir of trust with the American people.”

For Mrs. Clinton’s supporters, this was Mr. Comey’s original sin — the moment that he broke with F.B.I. traditions that usually call for nothing more than a brief, one-sentence declaration when the decision is made not to prosecute. And that declaration is usually made by Justice Department officials, not the F.B.I.

In a tweet after parts of Mr. Comey’s book were released last week, Mr. Reines wrote: “‘A Higher Loyalty’ to whom @Comey? FBI? No. Set Bureau back years. DOJ? No. Broke every rule. USA? No. Blew up a candidate. Your Oath? No. Didn’t quit. Fired. Only one thing left: $$$? ding ding ding.”

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Nursing Election Grievances, Hillary Clinton Supporters Curse Comey
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Nursing election grievances, Hillary Clinton supporters curse Comey
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