Obama Decrees Amnesty For Young Illegals

@ Kerner

Perhaps, you aren’t aware of how many of the Asian immigrants are from adoptions. There were large numbers in the early 70’s from Vietnam, then South Korea, and then China. That’s one factor that has influenced the number of legal immigrations from Asia. And considering that one of my children was adopted from South Korea, I have some familiarity with the immigration and naturalization process. There are also churches and other organizations that sponsor families seeking asylum in the US.

Your claim that there is “no such thing as legal immigration” is bunk. Do you understand the differences between temporary and permanent visas, and the process of naturalization? You seem to be misinformed on the history of immigration laws – the 1965 laws were politically bipartisan and removed ethnic quotas. It reflected the tone of the civil rights era. Our laws also favor those will skills and family reunification. There have also been a number of amnesty laws since 1985 for the illegal aliens that have increased the problems. The immigration laws may “make you crazy” but that is never an excuse for not respecting our laws or working within them or working within the process to amend them. Since you say you are an attorney, I do find your ignorance on the differences in state laws for illegal aliens and the problems with fraud rather amusing.

The majority of illegal aliens come from Mexico and have low-skill sets and low educational levels. The two communities that are hardest hit by illegals are the low-skill set and low educational level Hispanic and African American communities. Your simplistic ideas that these American citizens should simply get an education or vocational training disregards the sociological and complexity of other problems within these groups. It also shows gross ignorance of the job market for low-skill set workers or the abuses of the welfare system by illegals. Not to mention the cultural differences between the Mexicans and other immigrant groups. Your ideas remind me of the infamous Marie Antoinette quote: let them eat cake.

I would ask: in what way do your immigration ideas adhere to the principle of do no harm to a third party? Or have considered how assimilation happens and the time it takes for assimilation to work or the need for manageable numbers for assimilation to happen? Should the most vulnerable people in our citizenry be forced, under the guise of magnanimity for competition from illegal immigrants, to lose their incomes, watch their schools and neighborhoods disintegrate, watch the illegals overwhelm the ER care for the indigent care at local hospitals, and/or be forced into the welfare system because of the added burdens of illegal aliens to their communities? It’s easy to give away other people’s income, homes, neighborhoods, schools, medical care, and so forth. Are you willing to give up your income, your home, your neighborhood, your schools, your access to emergency medical care, and become destitute for open borders? I think not. The subject is much more complex than I think you recognize.

Source : https://www.patheos.com/blogs/geneveith/2012/06/obama-decrees-amnesty-for-young-illegals/

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