Rabbid Peach Shows Beyoncé Swagger In Just Dance Trailer

Let me just say I’m speaking from a music fan, a not such a big fan of Beyonce, I like her but I’m not a STAN…. Now I respect that she is back in the game cause I’m kinda tired of hearing Rihanna and Lady Gaga on my Radio, TV, and where ever else they play music.. Now 1+1 is a single on her album just because it doesn’t have an official video to back it up… it is still a single cause she perform it live for the public ( we the fans, viewers, and audience) , and it is the opening track for the album… so it is consider a single, just like all the tracks on the album yeah it may or may not get radio plays but it is release to the public to hear… so consider it a Single. Whether it is a Promotional Single or not… It is a SINGLE point blank period… If we can buy it and hear it before the album is release… than it is a what?????? SINGLE… I think the reason why she is releasing her singles a little early is because a lot of people don’t properly purchase albums and singles anymore.. Let’s be real with todays technology we can download an whole album or single without purchasing it.. This does hurt the artists pockets and the Record companies… I.E. Ciara.. ( I’m a huge fans of her) but the early leaks of the albums, made her had to push back release dates and due lack of promotion because we ( the viewing audience) had hear the entire album before it was release.. Now with Run the World ( Girls) I’ve personally like the song before the video came out.. because it was something different and the beat got me up on the floor dancing… Many people didn’t like it at first but once the video came out and the live performance it change some heart and didn’t…. That is okay.. People tend to forget that these artists are still human beings they are entitled to their errors… People put certain people on a pedal stool and assume that they have to be perfect all the time.. i.e. Michael Jackson…all he wanted to do is make good music and entertain us that is all and that is what Every Artists including Beyonce really want to do.. You aren’t going to like everything they do that is fine because we aren’t here to please everyone..

Source : https://thatgrapejuice.net/2011/05/beyonce-single-due-week/

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