Read: Bernie Sanders Panned Trump’s Broken Promises In His Response To The State Of The Union

Tonight Bernie Sanders gave his own response to President Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech that’s already inspiring Progressives and Independents. Sanders’ speech wasn’t the official Democrat response — that honor went to Rep. Joe Kennedy III. But Sanders’ response drew a lot of excitement and interest, as more and more people seek for him to run in 2020. His response wasn’t broadcast on television. Rather, he broadcast his speech live on social media, where it’s already getting thousands upon thousands of views. He called out President Donald Trump on parts of his speech and called for real change that helps the working class. Sanders’ son, Levi, said that his father is considering a run in 2020. Many of Sanders’ supporters say that they hope he will make that move.

Bernard is seriously contemplating a run in 2020 and I don't mean a jog.

— Levi Sanders (@Celentra) January 25, 2018

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