Republicans Use John McCain’s ‘No’ Vote On Repeal As All Purpose Excuse. But What Are The Facts?

Kaiser Health News: Attention, Marketplace Shoppers: Don’t Delay On 2019 Enrollment

Don’t procrastinate. Most consumers who buy their own insurance on the federal health insurance marketplace face a Dec. 15 deadline. Advocates are reminding these customers that if they miss the deadline, they may not have a plan that starts in January 2019. Despite repeated efforts by Republicans to repeal the Affordable Care Act, it remains the law of the land, and subsidies that help bring down premiums and reduce cost sharing are still available to help people afford plans sold on the marketplaces, also called exchanges. (Andrews, 11/21)

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Republicans Use John McCain’s ‘No’ Vote On Repeal As All-Purpose Excuse. But What Are The Facts?
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