Should Euthanasia Be Legal?

A survey carried out by the Singapore University of Social Sciences and The Straits Times (ST) recently polled 19-year-olds on their views on various issues.


Views on contentious issues

ST published an article on May 12 on what these 19-year-olds thought about various contentious issues, including topics such as the recent legislation on fake news, the law against gay sex, as well as human euthanasia.

Human euthanasia

Of those surveyed, 55 percent agreed that human euthanasia should be legal in Singapore.

Human euthanasia refers to physician-assisted suicide, where a person suffering from a terminal illness is legally allowed to end his or her life.

Despite the recent decriminalisation of attempted suicide, euthanasia remains a crime.

Homosexual relationships

51 per cent agreed that the law on gay sex is outdated, while 17 per cent disagreed.

49 per cent agreed that gay marriage should be allowed. 24 per cent disagreed.

Premarital sex

50 per cent of the respondents agreed that pre-marital sex is morally acceptable, with 28 per cent remaining neutral on the matter.


51 per cent disagreed that the law allowing abortion should be abolished.

Law on alcohol

42 per cent disagreed that the law prohibiting the purchase or consumption of alcohol after 10:30pm should be abolished.

Fake news

70 per cent agreed that there should be a law to control the dissemination of fake news.


Political views

The youths were also forthcoming about their views on local politics.

77 per cent said there should be “alternative voices” in Parliament.

81 per cent preferred a consultative government over a paternalistic one.

And 51 per cent believed that the race of Singapore’s Prime Minister “does not matter at all”.

Mix of respondents

A total of 1,056 19-year-olds were surveyed.

They were from junior colleges, polytechnics and the Institute of Technical Education.

27 per cent of those surveyed were already pursuing a degree, or had a place in university.

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