Sonam Kapoor: It Was My Personal Choice To Change My Name To Sonam Kapoor Ahuja

Since he has dropped his surname 'Bhavnani', newly wed Ranveer Singh says he needs a new one and jokingly questions 'Why not Padukone?'. The actor married to Deepika Padukone, became the talk of the town, after the news of Singh contemplating adding 'Padukone' to his name went viral. Unlike her contemporaries such as Sonam Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, who chose to add their husband's surname, Deepika Padukone hasn't changed to 'Bhavnani'.

When Deepika gave her first ever post-marriage interview to Filmfare, she spoke about calling husband Ranveer, Ranveer Singh Padukone. When asked about changing surnames in a recent interview, she was quoted saying, "It's not true. In fact, after that interview, I realised that it's a conversation (changing surnames) Ranveer and I've never had. So, we haven't been like, 'oh, do you think you should change your surname?' That chat was, of course, a candid joke of sorts. It has never crossed either of our minds. When I was asked about it, I was like, 'oh, we haven't thought about it'. Maybe because it's not important. Also, I've worked extremely hard to create my own identity and so has he. So, my question is, 'why would he have to do that?' I think what people see of us is a very minuscule part of our entire being and existence. But at the core of it, we are very alike."

Ranveer Singh reacted to the same and told the popular magazine, and said, "Since I have dropped my surname, I need a new one, so why not! It's a legendary surname."

Last year, in May 2018, Sonam Kapoor immediately changed her name to Sonam Kapoor Ahuja after her marriage ceremony got over. "I am a true feminist and I believe in choice. Nobody told me to change my name after marriage. I decided to do it by myself. The whole idea of feminism is to have equal opportunity and choice to do what I want to do. That choice should be mine," Sonam said.

"I always said that I am a feminist and I have the choice to change and not change my name. Kapoor is my family name, so is Ahuja. I am a part of that family too, so I chose to keep both the names. In fact, Anand has also changed his name and nobody noticed that. It is my personal choice," she said.

Even Priyanka Chopra, who got married to Nick Jonas, changed her name to Priyanka Chopra Jonas just a day after they tied the nuptial knot.

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