Southern Women's Show Provides Health Screening Opportunity For Many In Raleigh

Women of all ages and backgrounds came, like Patricia Frederick, ready to spend.

"I buy health products. We buy jewelry and perfume, health products," said Frederick. "We just try everything!"

If you do have something to sell and your target audience is women, it's a good idea to connect with the annual tradition at the state fairgrounds in Raleigh where you can also check on the state of your health, for free.

Shalita McFarland with Cigna, a health services organization, shared an excuse she's heard about.

"They just (say they) don't have the time, whether they can take off or attending other family needs. It's like a little mini physical. They don't have to worry about the rush of going to the doctor, or the anxiety of being in a doctor's office," McFarland said.

The organization says the free screenings they offer are brief, but can reveal important information.

The organization's tests include screenings for five risk factors associated with heart disease.

"We get it done in about 15 minutes and we can tell them 'Ok, your blood pressure is this and your cholesterol is this, and we suggest that you go to the doctor,'" said Rosie Barretta of Quest Diagnostics.

The employees said they are aiming to help more people get over any concerns about potential costs or inconvenience.

"Especially with the way health care is now, many people don't go to their doctor and find out the basic information about what their health needs are," Barretta said.

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Southern Women's Show provides health screening opportunity for many in Raleigh
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