Stem Cells Don���t Work In Topical Anti Aging Creams And Treatments

In a town where smooth, glowing skin is more prized than being number one at the box office, the pursuit of the Fountain Of Youth never subsides. If Jennifer Lopez, Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts are the faces of middle age, that quest is certainly paying off. And, given the holidays bring a dose of quintessential down time, it certainly ‘tis the season for a little fine-tuning. Here, the industry’s most revered rejuvenation experts weigh in on an arsenal of non- and minimally-invasive, anti-aging protocols making waves. Take that, gravity!


DefenAge 8-In-1 BioSerum

Retin-A, the reigning skincare topical, seems to have met its match in DefenAge ($220), a technology-driven anti-aging serum used to improve skin quality from the inside out. The proposed mechanism of action is that it works on Defensins, antimicrobial peptides, at the base of the hair follicles where follicular stem cells are located, and it redirects them to refreshing new skin, explains Beverly Hills-based cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Ben Talei. “I love giving this to patients to use every day along with the AuraSilk Essential Oil ($175) blend we developed for an added dose of restorative healing,” adds Talei. DefenAge has a lot of the same rejuvenating benefits of Retin-A, but in a milder form and without causing inflammation, and is lightweight, fragrance-free and easily absorbed, Talei reports seeing a “reduction in the appearance of pores and wrinkles and an increase in epidermal thickness after just six weeks of daily use.”

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