Stephanie Hill: Braving The Brambles To Reach Out For The Sweet Blackberries

Picking blackberries is hard, often painful, and even annoying work. It takes time, effort, energy, and much patience to pick enough blackberries to make a cobbler. As I plucked away at the fruit, thorns perpetually pricked my skin, while mosquitoes and flies dined on my exposed flesh. Much of the fruit was hidden in the brambles or dangling high above me. I had to learn ways to work, such as lifting a branch by a leaf to reveal the berries behind it; or, contort my body by sucking in my belly, stretching up on tip toes, and craning my neck at odd angles in order to successfully gain a few more gems. I spent over an hour, and in that time I was able to pick about a pound of berries - not a lot for the wear and tear on my body. Yet, the sweet reward of fresh baked cobbler scenting my home seemed enough motivation as I thought of my connection to family love.

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Stephanie Hill: Braving the brambles to reach out for the sweet blackberries