Supporters Rally On Capitol Hill In Stage IV Stampede In Fight Against Breast Cancer

The Stage IV Stampede brought volunteers and supporters from across the country to Capitol Hill on Friday to raise awareness for metastatic breast cancer and ask lawmakers for more funding for research and better access to health care.

A large group carried signs in their hands and stories in their hearts of their own battle with metastatic breast cancer, while some carried the signs for the fight their friends have fought.

Actress Mira Sorvino took a stand against Metastatic Breast Cancer -- an illness that she says doesn’t get the attention it needs.

“I’ve lost two dear friends to this disease. Forty-thousand Americans die from stage-four metastatic breast cancer and at most only seven percent of all research money used for breast cancer goes to stage-four cancer and that’s the only cancer that kills people,” she said.

Metastatic breast cancer, also known as stage-four breast cancer, is an advanced stage of the disease meaning cancer has spread beyond the breast to other organs.

Beth Fairchild is a breast cancer survivor and president of METAvivor and says more funding for research, that goes beyond early detection, is the only way to combat this deadly illness.

“Cancer is not a pink party. It’s a disease that kills a lot of people that awareness needs to shift focus from early detection and pink washing,” said Fairchild.

The group staged a “Die-in” to represent the 113 people that die each day from Metastatic breast cancer.

The day was expected to end in meetings with lawmakers, educating them on the illness asking them for support and additional funding for research and patient protections.

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Supporters rally on Capitol Hill in Stage IV Stampede in fight against breast cancer
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