T Suggests: Alluringly Ugly Candles, Quietly Elegant Shoes And More

On Google Maps, Sir John Soane’s Museum in central London appears as: “Former home of eccentric art collector.” This is true, to an extent. Soane, who decreed that his home become a museum after his death, in 1837, was a legendary collector of antiquities, and his house — a wide Regency with an unusual stepped stone facade overlooking Lincoln’s Inn Fields — is, by most definitions, eccentric: Visitors to the museum can see a mourning ring containing a lock of Emperor Napoleon’s hair and the sarcophagus of Seti I, an Egyptian king. But Soane was most famous in his day as an architect. A pioneer of neoclassical design, he built the Bank of England and the surprisingly modern-seeming brick-fronted Dulwich Picture Gallery.

No space in Soane’s home better embodies his maximalist and far-ranging tastes than his drawing office, on the top floor, whose every surface is clustered with relics and plaster casts of treasures from classical antiquity. This room is the only surviving example of a complete 19th-century architect’s work space in England and, on Sept. 26, the Sir John Soane’s Museum Foundation will host its annual benefit to raise funds for its much-needed restoration. The night’s honorees will be the Hall of Architecture at The Carnegie Museum of Art, as well as Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch, of the New York design firm Roman and Williams, whom the foundation will recognize for their outstanding contributions to their field and their own use of historical objects within their practice. To bolster funds for the restoration project, Alesch has created an artwork that will sell at auction: an earthy, gothic watercolor on canvas — a work inspired by Standefer and Alesch’s own recent visit to the Soane Museum. — ALICE NEWELL-HANSON

Source : https://www.nytimes.com/2018/09/21/t-magazine/emme-parsons-shoes-project-honeys-brunch-editors-picks.html

T Suggests: Alluringly Ugly Candles, Quietly Elegant Shoes and More
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