The 25 Highest Paying Jobs That Don't Require A College Degree

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  • There are a handful of jobs that pay a doctor's salary or more to people without college degrees.

  • From self-taught IT managers to bodyguards, here are nine jobs where you can make $200,000 or more — no college education necessary.

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It's no surprise that doctor's make a lot of money. Depending on the type of medicine they practice, doctors can make an average of >$148,000 to $267,000 a year.

But just because you didn't go to medical school doesn't mean you have to give up your dreams of a salary that high. In fact, in some cases, you don't even need to go to college to earn a salary of $150,000 or higher.

We found nine jobs that, if everything goes right, can earn people a doctor's salary without requiring a college degree.

Read on to see nine potentially high-paying jobs you can do with only a high-school education.

Computer and IT manager


As it turns out, sitting at home on your laptop while your peers are out attending frat parties could seriously pay off.

The >Bureau of Labor Statistics' wage estimates for May 2018 revealed that computer and information-systems managers are earning an average of $152,860 — more than than the average podiatrist, lawyer, and physicist. And according to >HackerRank's 2018 Student Developer Report, nearly a third of all developers say they're entirely self-taught.

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Airline pilot

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Not all aspiring pilots have to go to college, either.

While major airlines such as Delta, American, and United require bachelor's degrees, >Horizon Air requires only a high-school diploma or equivalent, according to a current job posting. And in a >new initiative, Alaska Airlines is looking to source half its new hires from Horizon Air, specifically. That >$169,560 salary never looked so easy.

Air-traffic controller

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Speaking of the aviation industry, the >top 10% of air-traffic controllers are earning more than the average aviator — $178,650 — and the >average dentist. According to the >Federal Aviation Administration, applicants can apply with "three years of progressively responsible work experience" in lieu of a bachelor's degree.

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