The Best Self Tanners For Bronzing Your Body

Maximizer tanning bed lotions allow you to achieve a deep, rich tan after you've developed a base tan. They are a good option for people who regularly tan indoors.  

Application area

While any tanning bed lotion can help you develop a tan, most are not intended for use everywhere on the body. Lotions for the body tend to be heavier, richer formulas, while those for the face are typically lighter and not as greasy. That prevents the lotion from clogging your pores and causing breakouts. Always make sure to check where a tanning bed lotion is supposed to be used on the body so you don't run into issues.



The consistency of a tanning bed lotion affects how easy it is to apply. Thinner lotions are usually runny, which means they can drip and cause a mess when you apply them. Thicker formulas, on the other hand, don't create a mess because they don't run as you rub them in, making application easier.


While it may seem to defeat the purpose to choose a tanning bed lotion with SPF, it can actually help if you have fair skin that burns easily. To prevent a burn, choose a lotion that's SPF 8 or lower, so your skin is protected but still able to develop a beautiful glow.

Developing time

It can take some time for the full color of your tan to develop with a tanning bed lotion. Some lotions take longer than others, though, so for the most convenient tanning, choose a lotion that allows you to develop your full color in just four to six hours.


You'll have a more enjoyable tanning experience if you choose a tanning bed lotion with a pleasant scent. Many formulas have tropical scents with coconut and pineapple notes, but you can also find lotions with a floral fragrance.


Tanning bed lotions generally range from $7 to $70. You'll typically pay $10 to $35 for coolant lotions and $15 to $45 for maximizer lotions. Bronzer lotions usually cost between $7 and $60, while tingle and hot action formulas generally range from $13 to $60. Accelerator lotions typically cost between $11 and $70.


Q. Why should I use a tanning bed lotion?

A. The main benefit of tanning bed lotion is that it keeps the skin hydrated so that it isn't dried out by the tanning bed's UV rays. Skin that's well-moisturized also tans more easily, so you're able to develop a healthy glow more quickly.

Q. How many tanning sessions do I need to develop a base tan with a tanning bed lotion?

A. For most people, it only takes five or six tanning sessions to develop a good base tan. However, if your skin is extremely fair, it may take up to 10 sessions to reach your desired base tan.

Tanning bed lotions we recommend

Best of the best: Australian Gold Cheeky Brown Accelerator

Our take: An effective tanning bed lotion that not only hydrates the skin but also helps deepen your tan.

What we like: Contains natural bronzers for an instant glow but doesn't go on streaky. Natural oils and vitamins A and E hydrate for soft, smooth skin. Has a pleasant tropical scent.

What we dislike: Formula is fairly thin, so it tends to run when you apply it.

Best bang for your buck: Maui Babe Browning Lotion

Our take: An affordable tanning bed lotion that still provides a healthy, even tan.

What we like: Water-based formula doesn't clog pores. Applies smoothly and evenly. Doesn't feature any bronzers, so you don't have to worry about streaks. Won't stain most fabrics either.

What we dislike: Some users are not fond of the strong scent.

Choice 3: Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion

Our take: The reliability and consistency of this tanning bed lotion make it a favorite among experienced tanners.

What we like: Contains coconut milk and coconut oil to provide intense hydration. Features a pleasant tropical scent. Thick consistency allows for smooth, streak-free application.

What we dislike: Some users experience an allergic reaction to the formula.

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