The Top 15 M&A Targets In Beauty

When NBA Commissioner Adam Silver steps to the podium Thursday it will be the earliest date (June 20) for the NBA Draft since 1986. And it appears things are about to get nuts. 

This year's draft is unusual in that not only is there an undisputed No. 1 choice, the same is acknowledged of the second pick and the third. After that, chaos could likely reign.

Over the weekend, the Pelicans acquired the Lakers' pick at No. 4 in a blockbuster trade that will send Anthony Davis to Los Angeles.

And that could be just the beginning. It's anticipated that this year's draft will feature more day-of trades than maybe any prior draft. We could have north of 20 picks swapping teams. With that in mind, it's important to note that the mock draft below -- beyond the lottery, most particularly --- is not so much a forecast of players going to specific franchises, but rather how the prospects align in this year's pool.