The Truth About Caroline: What Your Car Says To Me (and Every Other Woman Under 30)

WARNING: This article contains offensive language.

There's no question that Jesters has a reputation - and a fine one at that.

It's one of Plymouth's most famous, cherished and longest-running nightclubs - but there are many rumours (all false) that continue to circle around the city.

For everyone who raves about their top nights out there, someone else will claim it has sticky floors or tell stories of the cheeky or even dangerous behaviour that goes on inside.


One woman has even claimed that she saw someone brutally murdered on the dance floor. Perhaps she was just listening to Sophie-Ellis-Bexter, we will never know.

But those myths have been busted by the very people in charge - and we feel it's our duty to them and to you to make sure the truth reaches as wide an audience as possible.

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The truth about Jesters: The myths, legends and lies behind Plymouth's most famous nightclub
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