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At night, some very interesting things happen to your skin. It’s a time that, if treated correctly, can be the reason your skin looks so good that strangers stop you on the street to ask you what your secret is when you’re older. But, if handled without care, the night can be the cause of long-term damage that results in puffier eyes, deeper lines, saggier skin, and a whole mess of problems. You see, at night, your skin is very susceptible to…whatever you put it through. It will soak up beneficial products best if you use them, but it will also suck in bacteria if you expose it to it. Look: you’re just lying there for six to nine hours (the latter only if you’re very lucky) so you may as well make the most of it. When the sun goes down, you can begin repairing your epidermis. Here are things you should do at night for better skin.

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Wash your face

Wash your face, then wash it again. Get a gentle cleanser with limited ingredients so you don’t overwhelm your face with the products to come. Remember that when you take off your eye makeup, some gunk can get on your face and go into the crevices. So wash twice.

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Things To Do At Night For Better Skin
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