This Promposal Could Land A Teen In Jail

Three brainless daredevils filmed themselves subway surfing on the tops of speeding New York City trains — a death-defying stunt that could land them in jail.

In a series of breathtaking Youtube videos, the thrill-seekers are shown darting, James Bond-style, across the roofs of moving trains in Brooklyn and Queens.

The young men, who appear to be teens, also posted footage of themselves waving at straphangers from the top of a train in Queens Thursday, according to The Smoking Gun, which first reported the story.

One of the surfers is shown hopping from an overhang at the Avenue H station in Brooklyn onto the roof of a train — then flashing the camera a grin, according to footage posted on July 14 under the handle “Jack Sutton.”

But the daredevils may not be having fun for long. Last month, cops busted a chronic subway surfer who was caught on camera riding a C train. He was charged with reckless endangerment, disorderly conduct, and creating a hazardous condition.

Some New Yorkers weren’t impressed by trio’s “surfing” videos either.

“I hope you guys fall and die. But I also hope your deaths don’t disrupt service,” one commenter wrote.

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