Top 5 Ways To Use Activated Charcoal To Get Gorgeous Skin During Summer

You might have seen the weird looking black burgers making appearances in your Instagram feed for some time now. More recently, Jacqueline Fernandez confessed that activated charcoal is one of her favorite superfoods, right ahead of berries, coconut oil and ginger. The pitch black powder seems to have slowly made its way to India’s plate. Healthy eateries in metro cities have already started serving the black charcoal bun, and select juice brands also sell charcoal juice. But would you want to try it? Is it even worth it, or is it just another fad that has little in the way of actual health benefits?

What is activated charcoal?

People are adding activated charcoal to everything from lemonades to sushi to smoothies and fruit bowls and of course, burgers. The powder is nothing but a by-product of charred plant-based substances like coconut shells, bamboo, rice, etc. But why on earth would we ingest the burnt remains of plants? Health experts suggest that activated charcoal has a detoxifying affect on the body. While some people have been adding it in pinch amounts to their teas and cocktails, some others have been regularly consuming it on a day-to-day basis. 

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Way before charcoal foods became a dietary trend, activated charcoal was being used by beauty experts in formulating skin purifying solutions. It was also used in ancient Chinese medicine and also for purifying water in RO systems. Activated charcoal works because it has a very strong affinity to impurities. Therefore, it works as a detoxifying agent when added to food, as it sticks to toxins in the body, that are then flushed out of the body. Moreover, it doesn’t get reabsorbed by the body and has anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

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Activated charcoal trend in India

The Times of India recently reported the debut of charcoal foods in restaurants in Chennai and other cities. Some examples of the trend include the Bull’s Eye Black Appam at the Ritz-Carlton, Bengaluru and a detox drink called ‘Glomo’ made of charcoal, tender coconut water and ginger by a food-startup Caboutu in Chennai. Speaking to TOI about the weird looking drink, Caboutu co-founder Soumya Ganesh said, “Though activated charcoal is power-packed with health benefits, it is odourless and tasteless. We use bamboo to make charcoal.” 

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Another Chennai chef experimenting with the black ‘magic’ powder is Koushik Shankar, also known as ‘the mad chef’ who has whipped up an ice-cream with it. Speaking about his creation to TOI, Shankar said, “It was my dentist who made me take note of the fact that it is an ingredient that has been used for centuries for brushing teeth in the country.”

Although you are likely to see a lot more of these black foods in restaurants in your city, there is still a raging debate over the health benefits of activated charcoal. While on one hand nutrition experts are all-praises for it, there are some others who are warning about the negative effects of its over consumption. Speaking about the substance, Shilpa Arora told NDTV Food,”When consumed in moderation, it works wonders for cleansing intestines and pushes undigested food out of the system…(But) Charcoal can lead to gastric issues and in some people can even cause bowel disturbances.” 

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With the substance being used in a lot of modern products from toothpastes, to lattes, to face wash and creams, etc, activated charcoal has certainly caught our fancy. At face value, it seems extremely convenient to add something to your diet that naturally sticks to unwanted toxins and flushes it out. This is the reason why a lot of people are dying to get their hands on products with activated charcoal in them. But it’s always better to consult your physician before jumping on the bandwagon of latest trends.

These are some of the restaurants across India, where you can enjoy delicious black grub:

Black Appams at Ritz-Cralton, Bangalore- 080 4914 8000

MoBar burgers at Monkey Bar, Mumbai and Delhi- 022 2600 5215, 011 3310 6238

Black BBQ Paneer Burger at The Rolling Pin Deli, Mumbai- 022 4610 4610

Black Macaron at Olive Bar and Kitchen, Mumbai- 022 4340 8228

Black 01 Health Drink at Salad Days, Gurgaon- 096438 00901

Carbon Pav Bhaji at Masala Bar, Mumbai- 084519 00257

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