Trump Administration Plans Crackdown On Protests Outside White House


Kamala Harris expressed regret that an anti-truancy law she championed was used by some California prosecutors to jail the parents of kids who chronically missed school.

“My regret is that I have now heard stories where in some jurisdictions, DAs have criminalized the parents. And I regret that that has happened, and the thought that anything I did could have led to that. Because that certainly was not the intention, never was the intention,” Harris said in an appearance on Pod Save America.

Some news: @KamalaHarris tells me she would not support the truancy law she championed as Attorney General, and regrets that other DAs in CA used it to arrest and jail some parents.

Her entire answer on the truancy program she pursued as SF DA is worth listening to.

— Jon Favreau (@jonfavs) April 17, 2019

As San Franciso district attorney, Harris prosecuted at least 25 truancy cases, but no parents were arrested or jailed. Instead they were issued citations to come to court. Later, while running for attorney general of California, she championed a new statewide anti-truancy law that said parents of chronically truant students could face a maximum penalty of a year in jail.

Harris told the podcast she would not support such a law on a national level, after learning that prosecutors in some jurisdictions did go through with jailing parents.

She said she promoted the truancy crackdown because some children were missing almost half the school year, and the law did not distinguish between that kind of chronic truancy and a handful of unexcused absences.

“The system was failing these kids, not putting the services in place to keep them in school,” she said. “I wanted to avoid a situation where those children end up being criminalized, sometimes for their entire life time, because we fail them in the earliest stages.”

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