Trump Claims Victory After Forcing NATO Crisis Talks

How come the world 4th largest economy Germany has contributed only 1.19% while nearly bankrupt nation Greece has contributed 2.38%?

Obviously, German Government was failing to contribute its fair share for many years. You may hate the US President Trump, but you must accept the truth. You must look at the reality what the German Government was doing with NATO budget. The German Chancellor Angela Merkel is the loudest voice in the EU, which calling for NATO to speed up and fence off Russian expending to its neighbor countries, but the wealthiest NATO member German Government is the least contribution member state in NATO.

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel Government is the leader of the EU and unofficial policy maker of the EU. The world 4th largest economy German Government should contribute to NATO more than Greece. NATO is actually defending EU from Russian expending. The United State is not directly benefiting from NATO.

If you think the US President was wrong and then you must be Trump haters. You can not see the truth because of you hate Trump.

The wealthy Country likes German and French will ignore to the United State calling them for contributing their fair share to NATO if the President Trump did not talk to them loudly and openly. It was the last resort.


The EU President Donald Tusk delivered a strongly worded statement directed at President Donald Trump amid his ongoing criticism of NATO:

**“Appreciate your allies. After all, you don’t have that many.””


The US President should reply by **“why should the United State defend EU from the Russia if the US did not have friends in the Europe”. The European leaders easily forget about history. The United State had saved Europe from German Nazi. Now the EU President said the United State you don’t have friends in Europe. 

They have labeled the President Trump as undiplomatic and rude. However, you have to be undiplomatic and rude person when you have to deal with ignorant peoples like Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron. Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron want to seem them as Ms. Nice and Mr. Nice in public eyes, but in reality, they are not.

It does not matter if you like Trump or not, but you must accept the truth. The truth is the German Government does not contribute its fair share to NATO. The Europe wealthiest country should pay more than any other European NATO member states.

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Trump Claims Victory After Forcing NATO Crisis Talks


Trump Claims Victory After Forcing NATO Crisis Talks