Uber Should Be Allowed To Operate In Winnipeg: Report

A long awaited report on improving taxi services says companies like Uber should be allowed to zoom into Winnipeg.

The 174-page report contains 40 recommendations that say a business such as Uber could improve service, but should be regulated to keep the playing field level with cab companies.

Another suggestion is Uber would have to be insured, maintain vehicle standards and their drivers would have to undergo screening procedures similar to cabbies.

On safety it says taxi driver ID’s need to be displayed for passengers.

The report also recommends adding up to 150 new cabs to city streets over three years to meet the demand in Winnipeg.

Drivers are also encouraged to offer pre-fare payment methods at night to everyone, to cut down on disputes and claims of discrimination.

Source : https://winnipeg.ctvnews.ca/uber-should-be-allowed-to-operate-in-winnipeg-report-1.3213000

Uber should be allowed to operate in Winnipeg: report
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