VIDEO: Truck Nearly Hits West Side Home After Crashing Into Embankment, Flying Over Fence

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A driver was taken to the hospital after crashing his truck into a west side homeowner’s yard. The truck rolled over the backyard fence before ending up on it’s roof.

The homeowner says  it happened around 4:20 a.m. Investigators told the homeowner the truck lost control while driving down N. Raceway Road.

After the intersection with 21st Street, the driver went off the road and over the embankment behind the homeowners fence. She says he crashed through her neighbor’s pine trees and cleared her fence before landing in the yard. Investigators told her the truck likely went 80 feet into the air.

The homeowner says now there is debris covering her property, including beer cans from the cab of the truck. She says investigators believe the driver was intoxicated.

A tow truck worked to remove the Ford F-150 nearly 5 hours later.

This is security footage from the backyard where an f150 crashed this morning. Investigators told the homeowner the truck likely went 80 feet in the air.

— Colby Thelen (@ColbyThelenNews) October 11, 2018

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VIDEO: Truck nearly hits west side home after crashing into embankment, flying over fence
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