Wales To Let Women Take Second Abortion Drug At Home

Women in Wales are to be allowed to take the second abortion pill at home.

Health Secretary Vaughan Gething said the move will increase choice for women and reduce the burden on clinical resources.

Guidance will be issued to health boards in Wales from Friday on allowing misoprostol, the second medication needed in a medical termination, to be self-administered at home.

Women meeting the inclusion criteria will be required to attend a clinic for the administration of mifepristone, the first medication.

They will then have the option of being discharged home to self-administer the second medication, misoprostol, but they will still be able to attend a clinic if they prefer.

The change in practice, which was also made in Scotland last year, follows advice from clinicians and women's groups.

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service (bpas), which has long campaigned for the move, said it welcomed the decision, which is endorsed by the World Health Organisation (WHO), and added that it was now time for England to follow suit.

A spokeswoman said it means women do not have to attend "multiple, clinically unnecessary appointments and rush home from a clinic after taking the pills, risking pain and bleeding en route".

"Wales is introducing safe, evidence-based medical care that will benefit women needing abortion care and we applaud the Welsh Government for moving forward with this simple measure that will mean so much," she added.

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