We Asked A Grooming Expert To Review The Skin Care Routines Of The Guys In Our Office, And The Same Mistake Came Up Time And Time Again

  • Frank Ocean recently divulged his skin-care routine — and declared his love for night creams— in an interview with GQ.
  • Inspired by Ocean's inclination for moisturisation, I decided to ask my esteemed male colleagues about their own skin-care routines.
  • I then sent them to grooming expert Sweden's Café magazine writer Jonas Öhman to see what he thought.
  • Even in 2019, almost none of the men in the office adhered to the most basic routine of cleansing and moisturising their faces.
  • The most recurring mistake was men using body wash on their face.
  • Scroll down to see what our Swedish skin-care expert made of this dermatological car crash.

We can't all be Patrick Bateman.

I'm not talking about his proclivity for being a massive murderer, but rather his iconic morning skin-care routine, which has since been recreated by Margot Robbie for Vogue and "Queer Eye"'s Antoni Perowski for Netflix.

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Source : https://www.thisisinsider.com/grooming-expert-reviews-skin-care-routines-and-picks-up-on-same-mistake-2019-2/

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