Why Daily Cannabis Users May Need More Than Double The Dosage For Sedation

Dr. Yury Khelemsky, an associate professor of anesthesiology, perioperative and pain medicine, and neurology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, questioned several aspects of the study. He noted that Twardowski lacks specific expertise in the anesthesiology field, as he is a primary doctor.

“The study had many critical flaws, which render it useless,” Khelemsky told Healthline. “Overall, the conclusion that cannabis use has anything to do with increased doses of sedation cannot be supported or disputed by looking at this data.”

He noted that 16 percent of cannabis users underwent longer procedures compared to 8 percent of non-users, which could be a reason why cannabis users needed more medication.

While it may be true that some cannabis users underwent longer procedures, that’s largely attributed to the fact that accomplishing sedation took more time. The procedure is begun once the patient is adequately sedated, and if they become uncomfortable during the procedure, it’s paused until comfort is reestablished, which would lengthen the procedure.

If patients were using other drugs such as methamphetamines, that could alter the dose of medication required to sedate the patient, Khelemsky said. “This was not accounted for in the study design or analysis. Cannabis users are also more likely to use other illicit drugs, this was also not accounted for,” Khelemsky explained.

He also questioned if the nurses or doctors knew ahead of time which patients used cannabis. According to the report, information on drug use was collected, but the endoscopist wasn’t aware of a patient’s cannabis use when performing procedures, Twardowski said.

Khelemsky also contends that self-reporting drug use, especially when it’s not done anonymously, produced unreliable data.

“As of now, there is no good evidence that cannabis use alters anesthetic dosing,” Khelemsky said.

Twardowski said self-reporting is never 100 percent accurate, but his team felt that people would be more likely to report accurately due to legalization in the state.

Source : https://www.healthline.com/health-news/daily-cannabis-users-need-200-more-sedation-for-common-procedures

Why Daily Cannabis Users May Need More Than Double The Dosage for Sedation
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