Working Zealously For The Rise Of A New Christendom, In Spite Of All The Odds

“According to Nazi ideology, the so-called “eternal Jew” is the transcendent Jew who tries to live above Nature through economics and capitalism in the west, or through politics and communism in the east.

In Mein Kampf, Hitler specifically called this process the pacification of Nature. According to Hitler, the Jews try to pacify or tame Nature through international commerce and capitalism on the one hand, or by stressing universal political values like communistic equality on the other hand, both of which rebel against the stern rigid laws of Nature which cannot be overcome. German zoologist Ernst Haeckel, the racist Darwinist who coined the term ‘ecology’ in 1866, posited that the Jewish transcendent view of man over nature made them resistant to evolutionary biological change, and hence the Jews had become a lesser race. While Hitler eschewed some of Haeckel’s political views, he heartily agreed with this particular belief.

To the Nazis, the Jews had become a wandering and threatening invasive species because of their steadfastness to universal transcendent values in opposition to the Social Darwinian evolutionary laws of Nature.”

And indeed the swastika is rising from the grave like Dracula in some bad horror flick, only instead of it being a hokey and sad joke it is a frightening reality. The American media and the liberal puritans are showing their inner brown.

But there’s more to this.

Liberalism was and is a competing religion to Christianity and Judaism

The very existence of Israel is a stench in the nostrils of most liberals, and for good reason; it argues more eloquently for the existence of God and the truth of the Bible than any philosopher or theologian.

Liberalism was and is a competing religion to Christianity and Judaism. Liberalism is a Christian heresy, a secular worldview that parasites off Judeo-Christian beliefs and imagery. It has its own creation myths (a simple natural world unspoiled by the hand of Man), its own story of the fall (the coming of human civilization and the eventual rise of industrialism), its own prophets (Rousseau, Marx, Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Hitler), its apocalypse (Global Warming, ozone depletion, overpopulation, etc.). It is a religion that places Nature on the throne of the Creator and Man as the Son, the second person of the Humanic Trinity. Reason is the Holy Spirit. Atheism is at the core of liberalism, although they tolerate a kind of religiosity, one that makes God into a happy grandpa, a kind of cosmic Santa Claus and stresses social justice as the ultimate goal of Faith. This is very much at odds with Christianity, which sees the salvation of souls as the purpose of life, and with Judaism which sees Jewish suffering as an atonement for Sin and the Mosaic Law as the means to reach out to Yahweh.

Israel is a great rebuke to the Liberal worldview, because Israel’s miraculous existence suggests that the Jews and Christians are right, that there is a transcendent God who is actively working on their behalf (or rather that they are working on His). Throughout the great Diaspora the Jews never lost faith, and many Christians believed they would eventually be restored to their land - against all human reason. Israel’s seemingly miraculous rise from the grave and her continued existence, in spite of endless hostility on the part of the Islamic world and indeed even in Europe, justifies the faith of Jews and Christians and undercuts the belief of liberals. If the Bible was correct in this matter, in what other matters is it correct?

(The Muslim world hates Israel for this same reason; it is a rebuke to their Prophet and their belief that Jews lost the blessings of God in favor of the Arabs.)

This was the very purpose for God’s peculiar people; Israel was intended to be a light shining in the darkness for the world to see. Salvation came first through the Jews, and the suffering of the Jewish people was intended to be a beacon to others who would see this suffering and see the steadfast resolve of the Jewish People and their ultimate victory and would then know that God does live. That Israel has grown and prospered each time it has been attacked is a great rebuke to the liberal faith and worldview.

So naturally they rage against Israel, and wish it be destroyed. Israel shows the world the bankruptcy of Leftist beliefs.

Do not, oh gentle reader, expect this to decline in the future. Israel is the underdog these days, with her powerful neighbors becoming increasingly hostile to her, with America turning her back on Israel, with the U.N. condemning Israel in their hallowed halls. There is nothing more vicious than a liberal thwarted, and one can easily see the hatred following the course predicted by John the Divine in the last book of the New Testament. In fact, one should expect it, for it is coming at some point. Of course, the media and the liberal movement scoffs at this notion, but then what do we expect? The fool says in his heart there is no God.

And the bigger fools sees direct evidence and rages against it.

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