You're Probably Applying Your Makeup In The Wrong Order — Here's What You Should Be Doing

If you're not using a setting spray every day to set your makeup, you're doing it wrong. Setting sprays are like primers in that there are many different types that serve many different purposes. Many are made to extend makeup's longevity and others are just meant to refresh and hydrate the face. Regardless, spraying a fine mist of something — even mineral water, like this one— will melt your makeup into your skin, and, if you use powder products, it will melt those down as well, allowing for a more natural, and, well, less powdery finish.

"For longest wear, I apply [setting spray] spray before and after foundation, then before and after powder," makeup artist Andrew Sotomayor told Bustle. "Cold air causes the skin to dry out. This can make your dehydrated complexion 'drink up' whatever emollients are in creamy makeup leaving you with chalky remnants of your foundation. Or, worse, when you step indoors you instantly go from freezing to sweating and the makeup breaks down quickly. A multitasking setting spray addresses both of these problems."

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You're probably applying your makeup in the wrong order — here's what you should be doing
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