Zendaya's Textured Curls And More Celebrity Hair Trends Making A Comeback

Hair-stylist-to-the stars Tippi Porter has tamed the locks of Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Jennifer Hudson, and Alicia Keys, but you don't have to be a celebrity to get her advice. As Aveda's global artistic director for Textured Hair, Porter recently was in Houston to meet with clients and hairdressers at Posh Salon in BLVD Place to showcase the newest products and techniques.

While in town, Porter shared her thoughts on the latest hair trends with CultureMap.


No more spending hours with a straightener, ladies, Textured hair — a style that is not board straight — is becoming more popular. Hair with volume and natural curl and texture can look stylish and chic. The look is showing up “on magazines covers, on celebs, runways, all over the place” and it is definitely something women need to embrace, Porter says.


Bangs are making a huge comeback. For people who are still hesitant, you can “do a faux bang, which can still be fun," Porter says. She describes a clever way of pinning the hair forward with a high ponytail in what looks like a chic updo with perfectly cut bangs. Alicia Keys proudly rocked this style on a recent episode of The Voice.

Interesting Color

More and more, people are not afraid to be bold and strategic with their hair color. Aveda has come out with a technique called Eclipting, which is like a makeup shadowing and contouring technique, but with hair. The darker hair underneath around the face creates a frame, while lighter hair strategically shapes the face and neckline, helping guide one's eye to follow the face. 

Eclipting keeps hair darker around the face to create a frame, while a dusting off fine weave foils on top creates a seamless blend of color and style.

“Also I’m seeing a lot of fun interesting colors on people even if it is slight,” Porter says, which is sure to make any hairstyle much more daring.

According to a post on Pinterest, Porter says the secret to perfect color is purple Kool Aid. Just mix a packet of Kool Aid grape powder with your shampoo and you should notice a difference immediately. The thinking goes that since purple is on the opposite side of the color spectrum to red, the Kool Aid dye is able to cancel out brassy orange tones.

Source : http://houston.culturemap.com/news/fashion/10-31-16-hairstylist-to-the-stars-reveals-top-trends-are-you-ready-for-faux-bangs-and-kool-aid-hair-color/

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